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(JPG)In July 2003, Enda Prospectives Dialogues Politiques, the Sahel and West Africa club of the OECD, and the National Border Direction of Mali launched the « West African Border and Integration » initiative (WABI).
The initiative progressively works on its mission to on the one hand, document the issues on regional integration, and on the other, to valorise cross border initiatives.

Another objective is to promote the exchange and sharing of information between the different categories of stakeholders (populations of border areas and West African political institutions) to favour a better articulation between sponteneous dynamics and institutional processes towards regional integration.
The initiative is founded on the conviction that cross border cooperation is a veritable motor for regional integration and aims at the promotion of local initiatives regarding the matter. The WABI initiatives translates its objectives into the following actions :

- The publication of working documents (WD) : the distribution of case studies, synthesises of reflections, seminar reports, etc. on issues and perspectives on the development of cross border cooperation in West Africa.

- The publication of « arguments and proposals » on concrete issues at stake addressing decision makers.

- The launching of an information and analysis bulletin on local and regional realities in West Africa, called « Border Chronicles ».

These publication are published on the WABI website as well as send in hard copy to the about 1500 key contacts and institutions.

- The organisation of the second seminar on cross border organisation in Abuja, Nigeria (27 – 29 octobre 2004) under the eagis of ecowas

One of the major results of the WABI initiative is its contribution to the acknowledgement of the highest political institutions of the region, to the importance of cross border cooperation in the process of regional integration in West Africa. This recognition has resulted in the decision of ECOWAS to elaborate a « Cross border Initiatives Programme » in close collaboration with the WABI initiative.

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